What we do

Method of working

Each job is different but we tend to visit first and take the engine/issue history and arrive wherever possible at a diagnosis. Particularly for servicing that permits us to understand and order only the parts that are considered necessary and discuss options with you as the customer. We use a defined checklist for general servicing and winterising/ recommissioning work.

Inboard and outboard servicing and repairs of all types of marine engines

Marine engines exist in a hostile environment – salt water can cause corrosion and also the potential electrical activity caused by salt water and different metals can cause problems.

It is important to look after your expensive asset including but not exclusive to the following engine system

  1. Lubrication
  2. Transmisison
  3. Electrics/electronics
  4. Fuel
  5. Steering/trim & tilt


Electrical installation work in boats is just as important as the engine. Faulty wiring can lead to corrosion problems, short circuiting, poor battery management and engine breakdown.

We am able to assist with:

  1. General electrical repairs
  2. AC shore power installation to BMEAA standards
  3. Galvanic and stray current corrosion reduction

Winterisation and recommissioning

It is important to lay up your engine and vessel correctly at the end of the season. Acids build up in engine oil which should generally be changed before the winter sets in along with the necessary filters and other elements of a service. We have developed and will continue to amend a multi point action checklist as an non exhaustive aid in carrying out an effective service