Marine Engineering services in Cornwall - Engine rebuild

Our Services

Each job is different and we use our experience, equipment and skills to diagnose and fix each issue with the best outcome for the customer, as well as helping to plan for future maintenance.

Inboard and outboard servicing and repairs of all types of marine engines

From simple oil changes to engine removals and rebuilds we cover everything, petrol or diesel.

  • Lubrication
  • Transmisison
  • Electrics/electronics
  • Fuel
  • Steering/trim & tilt

Winterisation and Recommissioning

The marine environment is a harsh one, this means it is important to ‘shut down’ and protect an engine during long periods without use, particularly in the winter. We often do this along with an engine service to allow a quicker launch at the beginning of the season.

12V Marine Electrical Repairs

Boat electrical systems often get neglected, and this can cause significant issues. We can fit a variety of electrical systems to your boat, even as far as doing a complete rewire to industry standards.

Marine Engine Rebuilds

Severe engine failure doesn’t always mean you need to buy a new engine. We offer the option to have the engine completely disassembled down to the block and then rebuilt again. This will also include any machining where necessary along with cleaning, rust removal and respraying. Creating an engine that will appear as new, but will be solidly reliable and made for the boat.

Software Diagnostics

We use Jaltest Marine software to scan modern inboard and outboard engines. This can be to find faults, record live engine information and to provide engine reports showing hours and history.

Pressure Washing

Boats up to 2.5 tonnes can be lifted from the water next to our new yard at Lighterage Quay and pressure washed using our recycling system to ensure no contaminants go back into the river. We are able to use a sub contractor to lift much heavier boats to be worked upon on a case by case basis

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Boats can be antifouled out of the water using a variety of boat paints. Depending on the condition of the hull it may be necessary to prime the GRP and/or sand it to create an effective key. Antifoul paints, their contents and claimed abilities are a constantly changing market place. We are able to provide advice based on the condition of the hull. Generally we recommend that boats are cleaned and antifouled at the beginning of the season with  a potential requirement for a mid season lift particularly if the boat is to remain n the water all year round.

Rates (excluding VAT)

  • Standard hourly rate : £50 per member of staff
  • Mobile services: £60 including travel time
  • Hourly rate by water: £70
  • Lifting vessel including chocking: £7 per foot each way including lifting on and off trailers for any purpose
  • Antifouling: £10 per foot
  • Standard pressure washing : £4 per foot
  • Engine diagnostic reports and fault reading : £100
  • P-bracket cutlass bearing removal with puller: £250. We do not loan or hire out this equipment
  • Towing a vessel with no other work:  £156 per hour
  • Storage in our yard: £1.50 per foot per week