Boat lifting at Truro Boat Services, Malpas, Cornwall

Lifting & Washing

At our waterside yard at Newham Truro have the ability to lift vessels (up to 2 tonnes) out of the water for servicing and cleaning and have recently invest in an environmentally-friendly pressure washing system that allow us to prevent any contaminants re-entering the water.

Environmentally Friendly Pressure Washing

Having spent the majority of our lives on or by the water, we wanted to do what we could to preserve the marine environment for future generations. We decided to invest heavily in a pressure washing system that would allow us to stop any contaminants re-entering the water.

The system supplied by Filtabund captures the runoff from pressure washing. Then it pumps this into a series of filtration tanks that remove heavy metals and other contaminants to such a degree that we then reuse the water.